Private Spanish Lessons

Study at home with a live Spanish teacher via Skype internet teleconferencing.

For less than $10 per hour you get:

  • Immersion style private lessons.
  • Experienced Spanish instructors.
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Native Spanish speaking teachers are available from 8am to 9pm (GMT-6) Monday through Friday and Saturdays 7am to 3pm.

native spanish teachers in their native countryTeachers

Native Spanish speaking professional instructors experienced in teaching Spanish as a second language.

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Private Spanish Instruction using Skype

Getting Started

  • Register with 1 on 1 Spanish
  • Schedule your lesson.
  • Take the Spanish lesson with your live Spanish teacher.

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what you first lesson will be like

First Lesson

Your first teacher will:
  • Evaluate your skills
  • Recommend a study course
  • Assign the best teacher

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